Helps you assess Crohn's disease activity

Helps you assess Crohn's disease activity

Every PROMETHEUS Monitr Crohn's Disease Test report provides a single objective Mucosal Healing Index Score* that is consistent with disease activity based on mucosal status.

Monitr utilizes a color-coded index (0 to 100) that allows for easy test interpretation. This helps you to assess if a Crohn's disease patient:

  • Has low disease activity (green)
  • Is moving toward, or away from, more moderate disease activity (orange)
  • Has moderate/severe disease activity (red)

Includes a history of Mucosal Healing Index Scores

With Monitr, you can conveniently keep track of multiple test results over time with 1 color‑coded,
easy‑to‑read graph that helps you:

  • Assess if your treat‑to‑target goals have been achieved
  • Facilitate patient counseling about disease management goals
  • Reinforce the importance of patients continuing appropriate treatment

Easy to order: To request a Monitr Test Requisition Form, call Client Services toll-free in the U.S. at 888-423-5227 (Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 4:30 PM PST) or visit


*In a study where 748 serum samples from 396 adult Crohn's disease patients were divided into 2 cohorts: 335 samples from 278 patients were used to develop the Mucosal Healing Index (biomarker expression was modeled against endoscopic scoring CDEIS or SES-CD) and 412 samples from 118 adult Crohn's disease patients were analyzed with endoscopic scoring for independent validation.1

  1. 1.Vermeire S, D'Haens G, Hale M, et al. A novel serum test to describe the mucosal healing state by disease location in Crohn's disease patients. Presented at: World Congress of Gastroenterology; October 13-18, 2017; Orlando, FL.